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O'Creme Rectangle Caramel Candy Silicone Mold

O'Creme Rectangle Caramel Candy Silicone Mold


From rich chocolate truffles, pralines and ganache to amazing jelly desserts, from sweet candy treats to irresistible caramels, the O’Creme Rectangle Caramel Candy silicone mold is designed to provide you with easy and enjoyable work.


    The high-grade silicone used in these products is extremely durable and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Its resistance to temperatures of -40° F to 500° F render it ideal for freezing as well as baking, which also allows for easy transfer from the oven to the freezer. Sweets can be popped out easily with the help of the bendable silicon construction.

    This mold is easy to use, reuse clean for a seamless experience creating perfect treats. Forget about rolling chocolate manually--with this mold the shape is consistent and perfect every time.

    Each of the 56 rectangular cavities is 33x25mm with a height of 16mm, and a capacity of 0.5 oz., while the entire sheet measures 15” x 11-1/2"

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