O'Creme Wafer and Rice Paper Sheets, AD Grade

O'Creme Wafer and Rice Paper Sheets, AD Grade


Blank wafer paper or rice paper is the same thing, different names. A plain white, sugar-free, edible and slightly translucent paper that can be printed on with Food Doodler pens or ran through your printer using edible ink. Cut-out into shapes, make flowers, edible gifts, and lots more. Learn to work with wafer paper - even make 3D figures! Also used on the bottom of Turron Spanish Candy that is so popular both in the US and in Spain.

  • This item is a little more durable than the O-grade wafer paper; Slightly thicker and smoother
  • 8.25" Wide, 11.7" Long, 0.27 mm Thick
  • Ingredients: Potato-starch, Water, and Vegetable Oil
  • Note: The wafer paper is somewhat brittle. Very small pieces might break off in transit. This is considered normal.

Kosher Certified by Rabbi J. D. Conway of London Beth Din



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