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O'Creme Wooden Rosette Iron Handle

O'Creme Wooden Rosette Iron Handle

SKU: OC7166

Rosettes are a traditional Scandinavian pastry made by dipping a Rosette or Timbale iron into a thin batter, then frying it in hot oil. Rosettes are traditionally made in lacy patterns using shapes like snowflakes or stars, or in shell or cup-shapes using Timbale Irons. Rosette and Timbale Irons come equipped with a threaded hole in the back which can easily secure onto a Rosette Iron Handle for safe and easy handling around hot oil. This Rosette Iron Handle is made of a 7-inch metal rod affixed to a 3-inch wooden handle. The end of the rod is threaded in order to easily screw onto most Rosette Iron Molds, including all Kitchen Supply Company Rosette and Timbale Irons. It is an indispensable accessory for all Timbale and Rosette making and keeps your at-home Rosette and Timbale frying safe, easy and fun!

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